Momentum Media produces adhesive vinyl prints up to 52in by 150ft long seamless using the latest technology in presses, inks and materials in the industry. This insures high quality vinyl prints to meet your needs. Adhesive vinyl prints are used for short term signs and graphics for flat surfaces and windows. We offer several types of adhesive vinyl materials each with its own specific application.


Standard Adhesive Vinyl :: MacTac Print Vinyl

Our Adhesive Vinyl uses a 3.5mil white PVC film with a clear permanent adhesive backing.  It is ideal for outside use and perfect for flat surface applications.  Available in Matte or Gloss Finish.


Premium Adhesive Vinyl :: MacTac B-Free GRU529

MACtac B-Free Air Egress Adhesive Backed Vinyl has the brightest white surface and is designed for the production of high resolution digital images.  B-Free series has been designed for outdoor advertising and promotion applications on flat or curved surfaces. 


Clear Adhesive Vinyl :: MacTac Rebel RB599R

MACtac REBEL RB599R Multi-Print CLEAR REMOVABLE Vinyl Media is a high performance 4.0 mil clear glossy vinyl for long term use on windows or floors. It comes on a 90 LB. polycoated Lay-Flat Liner that provides exceptional lay flat stability.  REBEL high performance CLEAR window vinyl is a 5 year outdoor durable vinyl for use with Dry Method of installation.


Frosted Adhesive Window Vinyl :: MacTac Imagin B-Free

MACtac high performance window films are designed for indoor/outdoor window graphics and light boxes. The micro-structured adhesive allows for the increased speed of dry application on windows with no air bubbles or wrinkling and provides an exceptionally smooth surface for printing.  Can be reverse printed for viewing through the glass or regular printing for mounting outside on glass.  Repositionable permanent adhesive.


Perforated Window Vinyl :: UltraFlex Ultravision 60/40

See out but you can't see in.  UltraFlex Ultravision is an 8 mil, flexible, peforated vinyl with removable, acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive.  60/40 ratio provides slightly more image area allowing for better visibility and side angle viewing from the outside.  No laminate required for architectual windows.


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Expert :: includes the above but also includes detailed image editing and photo manipulation (3-4 hours)

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